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 Full WoTLK Website

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PostSubject: Full WoTLK Website   Mon Nov 16, 2009 3:51 pm

Hey everyone. I know there a huge amount of requests for a Mangos Website, but they are far and few apart. So i am going to take upon myself to create one. If there is any requests or questions... or even anyone who wants to help, just let me know.

*Uploaded Version 2! 11/15/2009*

This is how the project is going so far:

1. Frontpage: Done
2. Forums: Done ( w/catalysm Theme for vbulletin)
3. Armory: Done (Credits to Supergadget, as its his MaNGOS Blizzlike Armory)
4. Account Management: 50% Complete (needs alot of work configuring, but the armory has working account managment)
-Password Changer
-Character Transfer
-Character Teleporter
-Character Unstuck
News: Done
Talent Calculator: Done
And Voting Panel: Not Started
Donation Panel: Done (Don't know who created it, but i DO NOT take credit for the donation panel)

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Full WoTLK Website
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