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 ArcEMu 3.2.0 Funserver repack

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PostSubject: ArcEMu 3.2.0 Funserver repack   Mon Nov 16, 2009 3:48 pm

By grimeleven
WoW Client 3.2.2a
ArcEmu Core
HybridDB rev11+ DB updates

Here's my first repack . I started this project on May 15 and worked on it on my free time, from a clean HybridDB. I took my time to polish it, more and more but it was worth waiting, we got ArcEmu official core. A lot of content has been added since and i will update it when needed or new core revs. I wouldn't claim it's perfect but try it out. I am happy with result, hope you enjoy!

The original readme is in the file, my post was too long.


Quests to obtain several legendary item like, Gorribal the Dark Seether, Eye of Sargeras, Jeweled Scepter of Sargeras.

Dark Titan Legendary Battlegear armor that every classes can use which drops from the Lich King!

Epic Battle of Angrathar Wrathgate remade! Lich King LUA scripted fight, he has sounds too, defeat him and his army with the help of the Heroes of Northrend; Highlord Tirion Fordring, Highlord Darion Mograine and High Overlord Saurfang with all their special abilities/weapons voices and more!

Ulduar monsters with Bosses, working area triggers and portals, a lot of monsters are spawned but I won't say a percentage (laugh) see screenshots

Teleporter NPC with Northrend locations and Ulduar

Most of 3.2.2 items

Blizzlike spells! Over 10000 monsters are now casting their spells on "percentage" including Ulduar NPC's and more will be added.

Dalaran Mall! Located at “Krasus landing” (.rec p mall) features:
-Armor/weapons vendors
-Twink vendors
-Spells (buffs) vendor
-Professions trainers
-Class trainers.
-Lottery NPC! buy coins at “Currency” NPC to become rich! or not!


-Applied my fix for MySQL so now you can start the server from any folder. No more errors “errmsg.sys”.
-Applied my fix for recalls, they work fine now.
-Fixed Blizzlike portals to cities etc.
-Applied RDB fixed quests in Northrend.
-Fixed teleporter NPC and modified it to remove unwanted stuff.
-Removed all vendor on GM island, moved to Dalaran, Mall, which is now added to the Teleporter NPC.
-Players no longer start on GM island, players spawn at default start location but with Teleporters.
-Removed double spawns on NPC's, too many to list but there was a lot of them, i'm sure there is still a lot to remove.
-Fixed Cold Weather trainers bug, now all 3 trainers are fixed and Cold Weather Flying works too.
-Added some missing flying mounts to the custom mount vendor.
-Added Tier 8 and 8.5 from my old project based on Aspire, i had to convert it to ArcEmu.
-Dubin Clay in Dalaran now has the Tier 8 items (Warrior, DK, Pally) and with their proper extended costs.
-Added tokens loot on Ulduar bosses. No vendor for free T8 Razz
-Fixed Dalaran's Blizzlike Arena Vendors
-Waypoints added on some mobs.
-Removed broken gameobjects that caused wow client crashes when the player would pass near it, some places in Northrend map and some in instances, report if more places are bugged.
-Fixed a lot of NPC's which were not attackable, changed faction from neutral to hostile.
-Fixed Colossal Abobination and Angrathar Aberration's damage, once they hit players the WoW client would crash with error #132.
-Simple LUA scripts for Heroes at Angrathar Razz
-Recalls added for Northrend areas.
-Corrected item ID's on some flasks and mixtures, their ID got mixed up (laugh)
-Spawned Ultimate Teleporter NPC near cities, start areas and instances.
-Added Blessing of Kings to Blizzlike Paladin trainers and custom trainers.
-Update to 3.2.0 creatures/items/gameobjects failed to load, now fixed!Instructions
Like all repacks, make sure you have Dotnet 3.5 installed
Extract the folder "Heroes of Northrend" anywhere on your hard disk
Extract the maps with Heroes of Northrend\tools\Map extractor\ad.exe
Copy it into "World of Warcraft" execute it and it will create a folder "maps" that you will have to move to Heroes of Northrend\ArcEmu\ after it's finished extracting. Or download em Maps Download Maps322.rar for free on

Heroes of Northrend\Server\MySQL.bat
Heroes of Northrend\Server\Apache.bat
Heroes of Northrend\ArcEmu\arcemu-logonserver.exe
Heroes of Northrend\ArcEmu\arcemu-world.exe

Open your browser and type "locahost" you will be taken to the account creation page, restart the server if account is not activated.

Login for WoW client: USER = admin PASS = admin

I've included the addon "ArcCorrect" (extract into "Addons" folder) to fix the item icons displaying a "?"

If you use any of this content please give the credits to the guys below.

Special Thanks to these authors which made this possible and they did an awesome job

grimeleven (Me) - for DB bug fixes, server startup, lots of db updates, adding missing NPC's/items/loot, adding custom stuff.
ArcEmu for 3.2.0 Core
Core compiles by grimeleven
Lordrob2k3 For HybridDb & a lot of Fixes
Faddix - WARP, Vendor, repacks ...
PaikProduction WOTLK VENDORs
GMI TEAM Global trainers
Knaur - for all in one class trainers
rkod420 - for quests fix from RivalDB
tikkit – gamble NPC LUA script
FinnZor – Twink Vendor NPC
lollardo – The Lich King LUA script (modified)
newmoon – Ulduar teleportation pads LUA script
Squire-DB - creature/items/gameobjects missing table fix
ArcCorrect - Ethos and BitByte, merged by HalestormXV
bljardkungen - Account creation website tutorial
Zolar - Isle of Conquest worldmapinfo
rofni - Item Grabber for 3.2
ZenX - tester/fixes
Adria61 - tester/fixes
deep6ixed - tester/fixes
Zotesh - tester/fixes
Hypersniper - LuaHypArc
WhyDB - DB updates

If I forgot someone let me know.

Here is a online server with this repack, hosted 24/7 by our friend ZenX, with blizzlike rates, try it out: Zantos Server

You don't need these if you use the version7 (November 6)

Update4 fixes Elevators, Dungeons and some mobs.
Update5 Fixes Bag vendor, Stable masters, Creatures, Custom "Gem I Vendor", Lot of NPC fixes etc read the details in the sql.
Update6 9/25/2009 Various fixes
Update7 10/07/2009 Various fixes *Re-apply it, fixed a query inside*
Update8 10/11/2009 2051 missing items, Scryers, T8 Vendors and more
Update9 Waypoints, Vendors, Trainers, Items fixes
Update10 Onyxia Update, Season7, Items..
Update10.sqlBugs already fixed
-Mail system fixed! ArcEmu
-Deeprun and Ulduar Trams fixed! ArcEmu
-Glyphs now show icon display! ArcEmu
-Bug which made characters naked, now fixed! ArcEmu
-Isle of Conquest partially fixed! but cannot join battle ArcEmu
-Godmode client crash (error #132) fixed! (Core edit)
-potions cooldown from Squire-DB
-vlack fixed maps fixes Fishing except in Northrend
-Core r2939 fixes Spellpower + Brewfest SQL
-Core r2952 Fixed Spell area requirements, Race/Class condition in Player, Knights Ebon rep fixed
-Core r2957 Fixes Auction house "Item not found", Fixed Party Loot "60000" (Core edit)Credits to alleycat who found it out! thanks (now official patch)
-My fix for Windfury/Flametongue Weapon Teleport home bug
-My fix for Brewfest music, it should now play when you enter the zone.
-Fixed aura display when a map change occurs - ArcEmu
-Dual spec - ArcEmu
-Armor kits on normal items - ArcEmu

Updating from version6? Follow the instructions carefully

1 - Download Grey69 - Core r2986 Official Client 3.2.2a.rar
2 - Apply Update9.sql if you haven't already
3 - Apply Update10 "\SQL Updates\world\Update10.sql" to your "World" DB (If you don't do this 1st it won't work afterward DB structure changed)
4 - Apply all the .sql's inside the archive "\SQL Updates\logon" to your "logon" DB, start with the lowest numbers first 2845_refund.sql, 2971, 2972, 2973 etc..
5 - Apply all the .sql's inside the archive "\SQL Updates\world" to your "world" DB, start with the lowest numbers first 2976_names.sql, 2977, 2983, 2986
6 - Extract core files into the ArcEmu folder overwriting existing files
7 - Delete your "Scripts" folder and replace it with the one included, fixed some lua and deleted some bugged ones.
Re-compiled the map extractor and now it works, included in archiveVersion7 11/06/2009
Core r2986
LuaHypArc included!
WhyDB update for Onyxia! and more

Download Link:

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ArcEMu 3.2.0 Funserver repack
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